Once the idea of saving struck me, I made it my priority to pay off all bills and debts in time so that I would not have to incur any late payment fee. I still believe that penalty fee is a very small amount but when I add late fee in every month, I end up getting a figure that is no longer negligible. Now, let’s learn how to save money on power bill!

Here are the top 3 healthy habits to save more on your power bills.

#1 Healthy Habits:

I have brought another significant change in my habit of air con use. My room is south-facing and now I rely on more on natural cool breeze instead of breathing air con-processed purified air during summer. Continuous use of air conditioner is not good for health. As I am inching closer to 50, with my wife closely behind my heels, it is now time for us to be more health conscious and depend more on natural things instead of relying on man-made wonders. We have not fobbed it on our son but living life without air con for a significant amount of time, at least when we are taking our nap has certainly kept the meter reading within a limit.

Fried and spicy food is delicious but not good for health. And it takes a lot of time, cooking oil and consumption of energy while making yummy spice-lacquered dishes. So I brought a little bit of change in our cooking habit by placing more boiled food in my daily menu. It takes less time to prepare such food in microoven and I feel really light even after having a plateful of food. And who says that boiled food cannot be tasty?

#2 Switch to LED Lights:

They are a great energy saver and I have now switched to them completely. They have brought my current bill down by 20%.  I have purchased a pack of eight and got them at a discounted price.

# 3 Pay on Time:

I do think that none of you will have any problem in paying your electric bill in time. And you certainly know its implication. I have suffered a lot for late payment. ‘Oh, I have to pay only a few dollars extra as a charge for delayed payment”, I used to console myself every month. Looking back, I could not really understand why I was always late in paying the bill. The only explanation for such stupidity on my part is that I was short on financial intelligence and never wished to look into future.

So you see that saving on electric bill is really not difficult provided you are ready to sacrifice a little bit of comfort, change your habit and are ready for some effective and wise steps. I have got benefits and hope that you too can enjoy the same. If you are a forgetful person and don’t remember paying bill in time, go with automated bill payment system. Saving money means addition to your income in a different way. What is more, we also have responsibilities to teach our future generation how to save money in different categories of household expenses.

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