People are finding it really hard to locate a trustworthy and accredited market to start investing their retirement savings, considering the poor economic standings of the modern society. Every individual should be really careful when deciding to start collaboration with a company that has its own profit necessities, even when we are discussing about an investment in gold or any other precious metals.

If a retired individual decides to invest his savings, a proper and efficient research of the market is mandatory if he wants to make the best decision, especially if he decides to take on the precious metals market.

In order to obtain more profits compared to the traditional retirement plans, an individual should consider the Gold IRAs alternative. Finding and selecting the most efficient IRA plan for their necessities is really important for everybody that wants to opt for pricey metals IRA to maintain the value of their retirement funds. As a potential investor, you need to analyze the results of your deep research on the top gold IRA companies that you can access.

#1 Regal Assets

At the top of the list, it is safe to place Regal Assets due to the fact that this impeccable gold IRA firm has been rated with A+ by the “Better Business Bureau”, with “AAA” from “Business Consumer Alliance”, with 5 stars from “TrustLink” and had never received any complaints for nearly a year. The lowest sum of money that you can invest is $10,000.00, and your new account with Regal Assets will be active within 24 hours. Regardless of how much your account worth, Regal Assets is the sole gold IRA firm on the market that can provide and admin fee of $100 and segregate storage for a flat fee of $150! You will receive a free 1 oz for every delay that may occur in the guaranteed one week delivery schedule. The deal that you make with Regal Assets also include the Silver American eagle, an insured storage location with Brinks, a variety of bullion coins and bars and no fees on rollovers. An amazing gold IRA Company that offers professional advices and a fast and efficient customer support.

#2 Capital Gold Group

From the BBB, BCA and “TrusLink” ratings point of view, we can say that Capital Gold Group can match the company that occupies the first position (AR). This professional gold IRA Company will not only care to analyze the uniqueness of the rare and collectible coins that it features, but it will also offer you great customer support and constant advices from numismatics professionals. You need to know that there are more fees involved in a deal with CGG since this company passes its custodian responsibilities to self-directed IRA solutions. You will find some complaints coming from individuals that claim they had been misinformed or overpriced, so we can say that the reviews are mixed. CGG changes its free structure from one year to another.

#3 American Bullion

In order to attract more customers, there are numerous aspects that American Bullion should perfect, even though it is a great contender in the gold IRA competition. The third company on our list includes many experts, it is really popular and can offer deals for all four precious metals. Even though American Bullion has received some complaints regarding its credit recently, it is rated with 5 stars by TrustLlink and with an “A” by both BCA and BBB.

#4 Merit Gold

Even though it does not possess any rating from BBB, Merit Gold has received 5 stars from TrustLink and an impressive “AAA” from BCA. A downside for this fourth gold IRA Company would be the high number of complaints. However, many customers remain loyal to Merit Gold since this company has a rich background on the precious metal market. Despite the fact that the account creation and delivery systems may take long periods of time, the fee structures can surely compete with the ones offered by the top companies.

#5 Lear Capital

Considering the expertise and deals offered by our fifth IRA Gold Company, we can say that Lear is a responsible firm. Here you will find incredible customer support, really competitive pricing and clear deals considering the Lear`s expertise in expensive metals trading and investments. Even though the company received a 4 star rating from TrustLink, it was highly rated by BBB and BCA. You also need to consider the recent complaints that were filed against Lear.

#6 Rosland Capital

By offering a wide range of different products and services, Rosland Capital is trying to make its way to the top of the best gold IRA companies. Besides the local coins, Rosland also displays an impressive number of collectible coins from South Africa and Canada. You won`t be able to obtain any details on the fee structure, but you need to know that they depend mostly on your account`s value and will vary from one year to another. The company was rated with only 3 stars by TrustLink and with “BBB” by BCA.

#7 Lexi Capital

The seventh company on our list offers a great mixture of service and product offerings and was rated with the highest numbers of stars by TrustLink. However, BBB decided to give a company an “A-“since it has received a complaint last year. The company has not been rated by BCA. By analyzing the current market trends, the experts employed by Lexi will offer you advice on portfolio diversification. If you want to invest in Lexi, you need to obtain as many information as you can and conclude a deal only when you understand the features and pricing.

#8 Morgan Gold

Morgan`s clients have received 1 billion worth of gold successfully according to the company`s statements. Morgan gold offers incredible support for those who are searching for a professional opinion on financial planning and was rated “A” by BCA, “A-“ by BBB and 5 stars by TrustLink. There are also numerous complaints on Morgan`s name considering the big volume of transactions. Before deciding to invest in Morgan, it is advisable that you do your research properly.

# 9 Blanchard

Packed with lots of knowledge related to numismatics, rarities, market analysis and precious metals specialities, this seasoned player called Blanchard was rated with A+ by BBB. Before deciding to invest in the company, you need to consider the negative comments that affected the company`s image.

#10 Heritage Gold Group

With no complaints until present time, Heritage Gold enjoys great ratings coming from BCA and BBB. TrustLink also offered them a 5 star rating. The company is part of Goldco Direct. Transacting an individual`s 401 (k) and IRAs plan into precious metals backed IRA would be the main goal here at HGG.

Now these are some of the best companies to get started in gold investing but what about if you currently have gold and want to sell it?  We recommend going to a reputable cash for gold company in your area and seeing how they can help you.

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